Hello Krispy Kreme!

Every day Mary and I go to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall in Auburn Hills for our daily three mile walk. Once the weather warms up we will be walking and biking outside and I will begin running again.

While we were there recently, we noticed that a new popcorn stand had been set up. Those of you who have visited Chicago over the years will certainly recall Garrett Popcorn. There are locations all over downtown Chicago. So now we have our own Garrett location here in our area.

If you have experienced Garrett Popcorn you know that it is popped while you are in line and it is the freshest and best popcorn you will ever have!

Having said that, it’s interesting to note that other products that heretofore were only available in certain States are now being sold everywhere.

Case in point is Coors beer. For many years it was only available in Colorado and it was against the law to transport the ale to other States. So anyone vacationing in Colorado was often asked to bring back some refreshment. Now it’s available nationwide.

Here are some other products that are now available outside of the States where they were established.

How many of you remember Frango Mints that were only for sale in Chicago at Marshall Field’s? Once again, trips to that “Toddlin Town” always brought back boxes of the candy. Then Dayton-Hudson was bought by Marshall Fields and Frango Mints were now on the shelves here in Michigan!

Krispy Kreme was headquartered in Tennessee and once again travelers couldn’t resist the tasty donuts so eventually the company decided to go nationwide and thus we now have Krispy Kreme donuts in our homes! And take it from a donut lover, they are wonderful!

Another Chicago delicacy that just arrived here in Sterling Heights would be Portello’s Hot Dogs. There is a location on Hall Road and cars are lined up for blocks. We have yet to taste this special kind of dog but one day we will.

One product that is yet to make an appearance here in Michigan is the California In-N-Out Burger. Heard it is the most popular burger in the State and we’ve never had one. But who knows? Like the other food products, it may be on the horizon!

Now I’m having a cup of coffee and a Krispy Kreme donut! Yummy!

Bill Kalmar

Orion Twp.

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