Have a coffee, be sociable

Recently, when asked if I liked coffee, I hesitated on answering because I only like it a little and a certain way.
On my spiritual path, truth is important to me, so I replied, “Yes, but I am very fussy about how it is made and put together, so I don’t usually order it out.”
Next question: “Have you ever had coffee made in a French Press?”
Honestly, I had to kind of sort through my thoughts; I don’t think I have ever heard of a French Press. If you have never seen it a quick Google search can show you. It was invented in 1929 and it is a small manual pot and you do not use a filter. Inside there is a plunger to push the coffee grounds down to the bottom of the pot before you drink your coffee.
It was interesting to learn something new and these questions left me pondering about myself. This conversation made me realize how seeing other people face-to-face and talking to them can be really helpful in helping you see yourself.
I found that in this unlimited world, I have chosen to be stuck in how I drink my coffee. I had never thought about it that way before: I simply felt that I am not a coffee connoisseur and only liked it a certain way. Yet in some ways I limit myself. When you live life as a spiritual walk, you then meditate on if this limitation is okay to have. Is it stopping my spiritual growth, does it keep me from doing good deeds for others or the earth I live on?
Even though I am particular with my coffee, I do not let my coffee preference stop me from going places and meeting with other people.
A few years back I met a minister friend for coffee at Tim Horton’s. Months later I had the opportunity to meet another minister at Starbuck’s and also met a couple there to discuss officiating their wedding. I have met Unity friends at a Bean to Go right downtown Lake Orion: even watched the Gentlemen Songsters perform there.
I love talking to people face-to-face instead of by phone, texting, messaging, or emails. It’s the energy, the life that moves through the conversations that is uplifting to your spirit. In person is so very different we don’t just hear the conversation, we also can see it. We can see the expression of the words as they come out, the face moves, body shifts, arms or hands will fly in the air, and people may rock back and forth or side to side. Those movements are life energy being expressed. You cannot get that by social media! Without expressions we can easily get the wrong idea about a statement someone makes. Perhaps we could be a happier society or better balanced in our moods if we took the time to meet people face to face more often.
We are blessed here in Lake Orion as we have a few coffee shops where we can meet others. Each time I meet someone it is an opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting. People are so busy today that those types of meetings are becoming fewer and fewer. Yet part of our well-being is heightened by the receptors activated by seeing and talking to other people.
A recent report stated some people fill gaps in their friendships by using social media. When a loved one dies, they do not have a close friend they can turn to!
Churches are a great place to build friendships so, when possible, I hold extra events for the community to enjoy at Unity. This gives people outside our church the chance to come in and get away from life circumstance. It’s an opportunity to just be in the moment and leave the outside world outside. Talking and sharing is important and it releases our thought energy creating an opening to finding a solution, direction or answer.
Think on some different areas of your life. How may you have set limits on yourself? Once you find them contemplate them a little. Do they stress you? Would changing the limit you set make your life better? Don’t be afraid to unstick yourself especially if you are stuck in a situation that is not life giving to you. Call a friend and meet for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You will notice later that you feel better, more uplifted and happy!
Awareness is always our first step to change. Be open to what you use to limit you. Venture out to meet some friends more often. Stop in at Unity of Lake Orion’s Rent-A-Table Garage Sale on May 16, 17 & 18th. There will be free coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a cookie from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s a time just for you to look and simply enjoy connecting with other people.
Many blessings,
Linda La Croix
Prayer Chaplain & Board President
Unity of Lake Orion. See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, for uplifting posts.
Website: aspiritualwalk.com.

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