Fall changes signal changes in us, too!

On a recent trip to the Lake Orion Home Depot, I wandered into the plant section to see what was left of summer. I purchased three “end of season” hanging floral baskets that would work well for Sunday morning at Unity of Lake Orion for a great price.

Once home, I realized the flower pots wouldn’t last long with the cooler nights.

Oops, change of plans.

I would have to place them inside at night and bring them out in the morning to enjoy them.

It’s that time of year to say goodbye to summer and all it gave us. Time to move into something new, and that new is cooler fall weather with less daylight. When driving around our beautiful area, you can see the fall changes starting all around us. There is still plenty of green leaves on the trees, but autumn has begun and there are splashes of color here and there.

What we are seeing is Mother Nature in the beginning stages of her season of fall colors.

Like all seasons, if we take a look within ourselves and tap into our spiritual awareness, we have another opportunity to see where we are making our own changes. As the changes in nature continue, the colors become more prominent and more beautiful.

It is important to note that the fall colors are not what is coming to the tree or leaves. They are an expression of what has already been in the leaves during the spring and summer. The leaves show their colors by what has happened to them in their life cycle.

By letting go of their leaves, the trees are preparing to become dormant through winter. During the dormant period, trees are not simply standing still. They are preparing for a new set of leaves, and to be their next greatest potential for next year.

Like the trees, you and I go through changes, too.

Not all changes in our life are limited to our own personal being. They can come from sources or events in the world outside of us. Some changes we like and we gladly help facilitate into being; some are hard to go through, and others we would prefer didn’t happen and we resist. We can even resist all the changes while we are preparing for the change to come, kind of like moving summer flowers inside and then back out each day.

It is important to note that whatever your reaction is, the pattern of change is within the realm of Divine Mind and already in us. Whether we agree with the plan or resist the plan, we will always end up right where Divine Mind has aligned.

Sometimes changing is simply to accept what your world is with no resistance. While it can be difficult to do, remember you are never alone. God our Creator has patterned nature with clues of what is happening in our individual world.

When change is difficult, hold onto the loving child of God that you are, hold onto your trust in God. Know that you will rise above all changes to become a better version of your highest potential too! Do not lose faith in knowing your greatest life is already inside of you.

Even when change is hard you will come out beautiful.

Next time you see a change coming remember you will first be given the change. In your conscious mind, as you begin working through it, your actions will start to reflect the change. Soon you may find you are in the mist of change, but nothing is happening. That is when you are in your dormant period. This is your brainstorming period, time to meditate and pray on where the change is leading you. In your mind’s eye, always see yourself springing into greater things and successfully living your greatest joy. When the change is over you will have manifested those feelings.

My prayer for you is that you have no worries about the changes in your life or whether you are doing them correctly. You have a lifetime to get it right. If you miss the change the first time it will come back again until you are aligned with the pattern that is already inside you waiting to unfold.

With every change in your life may you adjust and find yourself living with more joy and beauty than ever before.

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion

See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website, aspiritualwalk.com.


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