Experiencing Freedom

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776. As we celebrate this year, we can meditate and think about a couple of things. Nearly 245 years ago, those that came before us set up a plan. Their plan would allow them and future generations to live in freedom, liberty and have independence.

Awesome idea!

It really seems much like what we as parents do with our children. We give them the freedom to be who they are. We feed them and nurture them in the best ways we know how. We extend liberty to them to grow and learn about life and we pray they express it even better than we did.

And, because we also want these same things for ourselves, we begin teaching our children as infants to be independent of us.

This year, again, we will celebrate a day of parades, gatherings, fireworks and a long weekend!

In all your fun, remember to make time to take a spiritual walk through it. Meditate and think about how freedom, liberty and independence each show up in your life. Contemplate how you use them to benefit your future and the future of others.

And, here is a thought: why would those three things from July 4th be something that you use to support others? Because life doesn’t happen to you, life happens through you.

1Peter 2:16(ESV) – “Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.”

A Google search says a servant is a follower or supporter. I invite you to take another look at being a servant. Perhaps God serves you and you serve God?

God is an energy that created the world and all that is in it. We are independent of God, but for us to have life, we need to have what God created. For God to have life His energy must flow through us. It is our freewill choice to allow God to flow through us and for us to be God in action.

When you get up in the morning ask God “How can I be of service to your expression of self today?” This holiday weekend, ask yourself: “How can I be the best expression of freedom, liberty or independence?” and be that.

Free up that God energy within you and allow it its best expression.

Charles Fillmore, Unity’s Co-founder, was a great one for meditation. In his book The Revealing Word he wrote, “Freedom – We can never know the full meaning of freedom until we abide in the Christ consciousness. Without prayer and spiritual meditation there can be no concept of spiritual freedom and, therefore, no demonstration of it.”

A wonderful spiritual freedom is to know the Christ consciousness abides in each one of us. For me as a spiritual leader, it is important to guide you with thoughts that are free to pick up. Also to give you the liberty to be process it and use it as you will. Allow you the space to practice it in a way that works for you, independent of any one source, and through many.

As you embrace this information in your consciousness, you learn more about your connection with God. It becomes easier and easier to be God in action too.

After using this spiritual work you will find that all of a sudden you just know when something is right for you. Positive actions and opportunities abound for you. Your life will fall into place so much easier. (I like easy!)

When you follow God as your Source and Creator you let go of the human ideas of God. You easily will resonate and understand your connection of the Christ consciousness. It is freeing and there for you but in your independence you may have forgotten. Once you are reminded of who you are you know it and can connect with it easy.

Remember you are an unlimited human being and you came here to do great things. God has put no limitations on you, but gives you the liberty of choice to choose to know His great work. This is spiritual freedom at its finest!

By practicing meditation and prayer work, you will be guided to the spiritual teachings that are right for you. Once you come in contact with those meant for you they will give you much peace and freedom. Your life is not connected to anything other than God. You are independent of all in the physical world its freewill choice that can bind you into something other than your best good. But, you can always choose something different.

Learning about God, life and your connection to God through the consciousness of all that is will be something you will serve to others. There is no end to your connection with God and I am convinced there is no end to spiritual development. How freeing is that?

You are free to practice God in the way that works best in your life, do it! Demonstrate God in your actions; in your life, choose to let the glorious energy of God flow through you. In all ways, help others and support them in doing great things. Enjoy learning on your spiritual walk and let me know how I can support your spiritual journey.

Many blessings of freedom, independence and liberty,

Linda La Croix


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