Expect another orange barrel season on Baldwin Rd.

I recently received a revised construction schedule for Baldwin Road from the Road Commission for Oakland County indicating a completion date of 2021 for all work, including the landscaping.

Prior to this The Lake Orion Review had published an article describing the schedule. The article also referenced many reasons for the delay, but in my opinion, they left out the main reason: that is, NO ONE WAS WORKING ON THE PROJECT.

I travel Baldwin Road many times a week and up until recently no construction was taking place on most days of the week except for an occasional backhoe digging holes.

I called the road commission earlier in the year when I saw that no work was being done. I asked them for a schedule and was told to call back in 10 days with a reference number that they provided and MAYBE someone would have the time to speak to me!

This is no way to treat the people who pay their wages.

Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of driving on John R Road north of Big Beaver Road and I observed more road building equipment than I have ever seen on Baldwin Road. They are seriously re-constructing John R Road, unlike what I see on Baldwin Road! Don’t the reasons given for the Baldwin project delay also apply to John R?

Was it really necessary to re-pave Indianwood and Clarkston roads instead of concentrating on Baldwin?

Was it really necessary to work on Maybee Road instead of concentrating on Baldwin?

I don’t have the answers to my questions, and I’m also not sure anyone has challenged the road commission, but I think they should.

It’s hard to understand why we going to go through another winter of orange barrels and dangerous road conditions.

Ron Kaliszewski

Orion Twp.