Duck Lady vs. Bruce letter was ‘very low’

I have always thought of this paper as a fair and caring one with a better opinion of the people in this town than I saw (in the Aug. 7 issue).

When you printed a (letter to the editor) downgrading someone who is a delight to know and a caring and helpful human being, up against a vagrant who is littering our streets, you must have had a very slow week and empty space to fill. (Regarding, “Bruce vs. Duck Lady,” ‘View points, Aug. 7, 2019, page 6.)

With that you have stooped to a very low place in the eyes of many. I’ve never seen or known this paper to embarrass or humiliate anyone before, so when you put this wonderful lady in the same context with Bruce, this was really a terribly low thing to do.

Why are you not addressing the mess and destruction in Meek’s Park from the youth and the public? There is always beer cans and trash/junk laying on the ground. The benches and picnic tables have been vandalized. Who is talking about this or doing anything about it?

I would think this is more equal to unsightly things that resemble Bruce than the food the “Duck Lady” leaves for wildlife. At least this is meant for good, not bad.

Now Bruce gets his face on channel 7 news and all of a sudden being a vagrant right on M-24 makes him a celebrity. How does that make Lake Orion look? I am embarrassed that this vagrant is left to stay on that bench for the world to see coming through town. It was bad enough when he parked himself on the corner of M-24 and Clarkston Road.

We will be collecting signatures to show you there are many who are hurt, angry and very disappointed, and will be demanding you print an apology and an explanation to our friend of why you printed that (letter).

You have embarrassed and humiliated her beyond belief. She is very hurt, as are all of her friends and neighbors for her.

Sue Fox

Lake Orion

There are two signs along Paint Creek in Meeks Park, and another sign in Children’s Park, that ask people not to feed the ducks. See Chapter 96: Parks and Recreation of the Village Code of Ordinances for a complete list of rules. Online at

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