Don’t tread on me with your single hauler trash plan

We already have only one garbage hauler come down our road in NW Orion Township.

That is because Odd Job Disposal was willing to back down our private road to pick up my trash. When my neighbors saw that they no longer had to carry their trash down to the main road they all signed up for that kind of customer service.

I seriously doubt that anyone on our myriad private, dirt and main highways are complaining about the number of trash haulers. And if the residents in our ever-growing number of subdivisions are experiencing that as a problem, they should be able to work that out in their own Homeowner’s Associations.

It’s wonderful that Trustee (Michael) Flood prefers the single hauler concept. But please don’t ask me to pay to satisfy your preferences.

Lastly, in support of Clerk Penny Shults suggestion of putting the issue before voters, I would just like to point out that both Democracy and Oligarchy have been well tested and that Democracy has been proven to be vastly preferable.

Thank you,

Gregory Weddle

Orion Twp.