‘Don’t destroy the charm of what makes Lake Orion Lake Orion’ in deciding future land use

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Re: Village of Lake Orion 2020 Master Plan Amendment survey

Do not build another four story building downtown. The current new one is, thankfully, somewhat off Flint St. and doesn’t detract from the “antiquity” and “Main Street” ambience of the buildings emanating from the intersection of Flint and Broadway streets.

Let’s don’t destroy the charm of what makes Lake Orion Lake Orion.

If any new structures are built in the “historic” area, my feeling is that their facades should be designed to match the original turn of the Twentieth Century architecture; e.g. Sagebrush and Tire Warehouse.

Another area of concern are the Victorian houses between Park Island Dr. and Pelton’s Point.

We are residents of the north side of Park Island. My wife and her first husband (dec.) were the owners of the sixth house built on the island (1968). She is the last of the originals living here.

Big concern is the building of a restaurant/bar that would have lake access. Worry is that celebrating patrons would completely annihilate the serenity that we residents have enjoyed all these years (fireworks night the one exception).  — Don H.


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