Disappointed over new township hall, supervisor

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Lake Orion for more than 25 years and am quite concerned about the direction our township supervisor, Chris Barnet, is moving us into a debt that is really unnecessary and will hurt residents for years to come after he leaves office.

Before Chris was elected for second term, I attended a township hall meeting where he stated the new hall would not be paid for by tax dollars and was estimated to cost $9 million dollars.

The building is now quadrupled in size and new estimates are at $18 million dollars. Now in his second term of office, he plans on paying for the building by borrowing $15 million dollars with a bond.

I do not understand how a “supervisor” can be allowed to put our township into such a vast debt.

Why do we need to add a park to this new building site? We just purchased a park in Orion called Camp Agawam.

I think all of the taxpayers need to be aware of what this man is doing and how it will cost our taxpayers money over the next 20 years when he leaves office.

I am very disappointed in how much control he has over the elected trustees who really are not asking the right questions and really don’t care about Orion’s future.


Ronald Mulberger

Lake Orion


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  1. roy   August 26, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    Building a NEW TWSP HALL is as usefull as putting a eleavator in a out-house or a pay john in a direia ward.


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