Dear fellow Village of Lake Orion residents,

Last Monday, a very courageous village council member stepped up to the podium at the village council meeting and put on a presentation that told the painful truth of the extremely poor financial condition the Village of Lake Orion has found itself in. Despite the current real estate boom the village coffers are nearly empty.
He explained that our village has had a presence in it that is in the process of swallowing the future of our wonderful village. He went on to show, using available facts and financial data, that since 1985 when the DDA was formed – with the permission of our village elders – that the problems began.
The DDA was allowed to form a tax capture area that included many residential homes. That was and is now just wrong.
This was very shortsighted by the village to allow their residential tax money to be usurped by the DDA for the last 37 years, and then in 2020 extended it for another 20 years to 2040. Thus, the continued pillage of the village’s future by its hungry monster, the DDA, went on.
Through the years the DDA grew in strength with its large tax captured budget and the village lost its way in trying to provide normal services to all its residents. This is due to its reduced available tax monies given to the DDA, which now almost exceeds the village’s total tax monies.
It’s now obvious that the DDA greatly influences the village management and council to do what they want done and not what is in the best business interests of you or the village.
I recommend that you now watch his presentation in the March 27 village council meeting online at under the On Demand link.
The facts are plain to see.
Please ask the village management how this happened?
Fred Fleming
Member of the Committee to better the Lake Orion Village

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