DDA residential tax captures should go in village coffers

This letter is directed to all the citizen residents of the Village of Lake Orion to explain what I believe to be the current evils of the DDA and to take back tax money from the DDA to correctly place taxes back in the village treasury for proper use by the village for all its peoples’ everyday needs.
To clearly explain – It is time to take back from the DDA its use of village citizens taxation and put it back into the village treasury where belongs to be used to take care of the needs of all the village’s people and not to give it to the DDA for the exclusive support of the business community. Because it’s our money – not the DDA’s!
The primary purpose of the DDA at the beginning of its being instituted was to provide the needed financial support that the businesses of the Village of Lake Orion needed not to fail, which to their credit they accomplished. However, the DDA used an enlarged district area of the village from which to pull tax money that included residential homes.
So, they pulled tax money from a large 51 percent part of the village residential homes to use to only support the businesses. That meant the village treasury didn’t get that taxation to benefit the entire citizen community and that’s totally wrong!
What is to be done now? Not to kill the DDA.
But the village council needs to pull back from the DDA the citizenry taxation section from DDA’s district of tax draw to put that tax money back into the village treasury where it can be used for the entire village’s people where it belonged then and now. There is no reason not to do this.
We the people and voters of Lake Orion need to call and write letters to the council and village management to treat us fairly at last as it’s the right thing to do for the entire community!
Fred Fleming
Lake Orion

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