COVID-19 update: Orion area cases by ZIP code

According to Oakland County government, there have been 86 recent cases (down eight from last week) of COVID-19 in the Orion area in the past 30 days, as of Monday afternoon.

There were 19 recent cases (down three from last week) in the 48359 ZIP code, 36 new cases (up five from last week) in the 48360 ZIP code and 31 new cases (down 13 from last week) in the 48362 area.

Total numbers by ZIP code:

48359: 115 total cases, eight deaths. (Population of 9,634)

48360: 89 total cases, one death. (Population of 12,055)

48362: 120 total cases, eight deaths. (Population of 15,756) This includes the Village of Lake Orion.

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Oakland County

Oakland County overall has had 15,661 confirmed total cases (the highest in the state) and 3,805 probable cases of COVID-19 (up 794 in total, probable and confirmed, from last week).

There have been and 1,136 confirmed total deaths, and 49 probable deaths attributed to the virus, according to


As of Monday, Michigan had a total of 112,612 confirmed cases (up 5,241 from last week) of Coronavirus, 11,675 probable cases (up 643 in the last week), 6,601 deaths (up 63 from last week) and 320 probable (up 48 from last week) coronavirus deaths from COVID-19, since the pandemic began, according to

There have been 3,465,634 million tests performed as of Sept. 14.

United States

On Monday, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 6,503,030 cases (up 241,814 from last Monday) of Coronavirus in the United States as well as 193,705 (up 5,192 from last Monday) deaths from COVID-19, according to


Globally, the World Health Organization reported 28,637,952 (up 1844,959 in the last seven days) cases of Coronavirus on Sept. 14 as well as 917,417 (up 26,386 in the past seven days) COVID-19 deaths, according to

*All numbers are the latest numbers reported as of noon on Monday.


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