COVID-19 update for the Orion area, by ZIP code

According to Oakland County, there have been 14 new cases (up three overall from last week) of COVID-19 in the Orion area in the past 30 days, as of Monday afternoon.

There were two new cases (up two from last week) in the 48359 ZIP code, four cases (down one from last week) in the 48360 ZIP code and eight cases (up two from last week) in the 48362 area.

Total numbers by ZIP code:

48359: 65 total cases, eight deaths. (Population of 9,634)

48360: 37 total cases, one death. (Population of 12,055)

48362: 61 total cases, eight deaths. (Population of 15,756) This includes the Village of Lake Orion.

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Oakland County

Oakland County overall has had 9,104 confirmed total cases and 3,129 probable cases of COVID-19 (up 291 in total, probable and confirmed, from last week).

There have been and 1,049 confirmed total deaths, and 42 probable deaths attributed to the virus, according to


As of Monday, Michigan had a total of 65,876 confirmed cases (up 2,379 from last week) of Coronavirus, 7,065 probable cases (up 339 in the last week), 5,972 deaths (up 57) and 246 probable (the same as last week) coronavirus deaths from COVID-19, since the pandemic began, according to

There have been 1,336,869 million tests performed as of July 5. – J.N.


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