Congratulations to the new owner of The Lake Orion Review and all of Sherman Publications newspapers

To Mr. Rick Burrough, owner, View Newspaper Group,

Congratulations on your purchase of Sherman Publications. My parents, Ellen and Martin Carlson, published the Lake Orion Review from about 1956 until (Dec. 4, 1972).

Although my father only had a high school education, he was a fierce advocate of a free press for all of his 66 years associated with newspapers in Central Wisconsin and Lake Orion.

During high school, I worked part time and ran the large Miehle press. ( I am certain I fed at least a zillion sheets that printed four pages at a times over the several years I worked in the back shop.) I also covered all of the high school sports and wrote the sports section almost every week from 1954 to 1958 when I graduated from Lake Orion High School.

I then attended the University of Michigan where I earned a Ph.D. after serving two deployments in the military during the early Vietnam era.

My family was very pleased when Jim Sherman, Sr., agreed to buy the Lake Orion Review from my parents. His reputation for having the highest values and integrity allowed us to feel totally comfortable with the transition.

Again, thank you. My dad was always proud to be a “Newspaper Man.”

Dave Carlson

Son of Martin and Ellen Carlson, former owners of The Lake Orion Review


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