Complaints about Odd Job continue

By Jim Newell

Review Editor

Orion Township residents are still having problems with their trash, recycling and compost being picked up on time, and the lack of service from Odd Job Disposal has left a foul stench in the minds of many.

“The frustration is continuing,” said Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett. “As far as what we can tell they haven’t done anything. We can’t get any answers from them either.”

The township issues permits to garbage haulers to operate in Orion Township. The township board will discuss garbage hauler permit renewals for 2019 at its March 4 meeting.

“They’ve made some assurances to us, the township board of trustees, in January, but from what I can see they haven’t lived up to it,” Barnett said. “Complaints from non-Odd Job customers have ramped up this week. It’s legitimate for people not to want to look at garbage for weeks at a time.”

Clerk Penny Shults said if residents have complaints they should email her at or call her office at 248-391-0304 ext. 4001 and leave a detailed message on the voicemail, if they do not reach a person.

The clerk’s office has voicemail transcribing capability and all complaints will be added to the official record and given to board members when they consider garbage hauler license renewals.

Some residents who contract with Odd Job have informed the township that it’s been 2-4 weeks since their garbage was picked up; and a resident has complained about seeing Odd Job workers putting recycling materials in garbage trucks.

That’s a violation of state law, Barnett said.

The other big complaint Barnett said he received last week was that people who had prepaid Odd Job for a three-month or a year’s worth of service weren’t getting partial refunds if they canceled their service with Odd Job.

“Which goes against what they told us at the Jan. 7 meeting,” he said.

Both Shults and Barnett point out that customers contract with Odd Job privately and the township, other than considering license renewals or revocations, doesn’t have a contract with Odd Job.

Under the township’s solid waste ordinance, residents are technically responsible for their garbage if it’s left out for extended periods of time – even if their garbage hauler doesn’t pick up on the scheduled day.

“Technically, the customers are in violation of the ordinance if their garbage is out (more than 24 hours),” Barnett said, adding that residents would not like it if they suddenly got citations for leaving their refuse roadside.

There are currently four garbage companies operating in Orion Twp.: Odd Job, Advanced Disposal, Waste Management and Green for Life Environmental, according to township documents.

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