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Re: Bill Kalmar’s letter ‘Please don’t shake my hand for the next month I’m sick of sick people!’

Bill, your advice is correct. It will go largely unheeded.

Here’s why: There’s a much larger epidemic going around now and has been for fifty years or more. It is central to the hobbling of our American culture, and it can be called “Me-ism.”

You know: “I am the center of everything, and my “needs” and desires transcend everything else.

Some of us are proudly associated with this “ism.” Others possess it without realizing it because they were born and raised in it. The result is that, for too many of us, there is no thought about the consequences of what we do.

Forget about beginning with “How will this possibly affect others?” — Duane Lamers


Re: “Odd Job still has a job in Orion Twp. – for now.” Published Jan. 9, 2019, page 1, Lake Orion Review.

As of today, Wednesday, January 16th, OJ has already failed in one area. They are not having a third party answer their phones as promised, or are returning voice mail messages – One of the requirements that the city said they must meet for their license was:

“There needs to be a ‘specific point person’ who the township and residents can call if there is a problem and get answers.”

This is something OJ promised to do after the city meeting in a posting on their Facebook website.

OJ stated, “Starting Monday, January 14th, 2019, We will have a third party answering our phones. We will be updating them with the same information that we post and email. They will be able to answer basic question, but for the most part will be getting us the messages for our office staff to follow-up on. This will free up the time for the office to follow-up with customers and we can better prioritize customer calls…”

Why is this not happening? — Frustrated Customer, emills.




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