Christmas’ Spiritual Message

Every month, Unity churches pay special attention to one of the 12 innate powers within the human consciousness. Through the wisdom and acknowledgement of these powers our life is transformed. The power for December is life and is quite fitting for a month where we celebrate the holy birth of the Christ child.

Luke 1:31(ASV) And behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus.

For God so loved the world He sent a new light into the world. Born to save us from our own self-inflicted nonsense and born so God could walk among us. And His name was Jesus!

It is my prayer that every year Christmas, Jesus’ birth is a reminder to reexamine your life. Through contemplation, go within and just look at you! Are you living life as the greatest example of God in action that you can be? It helps us to remember that God is love and we are to represent His love in all we think, say and do.

One thing that holds us up from being God in action is a tendency to think we are separate from God, which is simply not true. As His children, we are made in His image. That image is energy. God’s energy is inside us, all plants, trees, water, animals, planets, stars, the sun, moon and in all things great and small. We are the living life of God in all we think say and do.

Every year as Christmas comes around it is a time to rebirth what Jesus is in our life. Knowing Jesus is not hard but you have to be open to His teachings. In Unity, we accept Jesus “the Christ” as our way show-er because He came to teach us and show us the way to God through our consciousness. Unity’s metaphysical dictionary tells us through the Christ Mind we find salvation from poverty, sickness, sin and death.

But where is this Christ Mind? Not under a Christmas tree, or a pretty wrapped box, it’s found within. The Christ Mind lives within you and you find it in the stillness of prayer and meditation. Jesus will not save you from a bad relationship or mend a broken love. He will not return and pay your bills, take away illness, or take away addictions or bad habits. He is not for sale, all the money in the world cannot buy Him. You can visit the biggest church in the world, but, if your mind is not open or you have no awareness, you will not find Him.

Jesus “the Christ” was our example. His birthday is our reminder of God’s love and how to express that love in the way we live our lives. On a spiritual journey, we are not waiting for Jesus to walk the earth again; He did that already. The second coming of Christ is not through a physical birth, but through each one of us living and being the very existence of God, in us.

When you think on all of this and when you are open to His teachings, you will awaken your life at a soul level and right from your very gut you will know this message is right. That is when you have fully put on your Christ spirit and will know that we are all Sons of God.

Put on the cloak of Christ and live your life through the realms of higher consciousness as you grow your awareness of the Christ within you. Live your life like the image and light of God that you are and you will save yourself from anxiety, fear, stress, worry, and all other darkness.

Try as we may, none of us are perfect. Take time to contemplate life and the meaning of Christmas. Look where you might have done better and know it is never too late to make amends or corrections. Then think on how you might rebirth in your life: a new hope, greater creative expressions, new teachings, or new ideas. Imagine what they will look like when they come to fruition and what it will feel like to you. Then prepare yourself for these spiritual gifts to unfold.

This is the message of Christmas to me. May it unfold the power of life within you and transform your life with a greater awareness of the Christ within.

Merry Christmas,

Linda La Croix


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