Caught in the pandemic storm!

Life matters! You matter! We all matter!

It’s time to live like the virus matters! Time to become more aware of the virus causing our pandemic and stop giving it a host!

There are times in life when so much happens at once the world feels crazy and mixed up. Yet, even during the craziness we must remember, we are not alone. We were not just left here on this huge planet to fend for ourselves with no guidance; God never leaves us. When you are open to knowing a Higher Power than yourself, or any human, exists deep within your heart, you will know God’s guidance when it comes around.

Answers to solving life questions and for our survival always pass right in front of us. Not just once or twice, but as many times as necessary until we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This is true for all things, including the answer for healing our current pandemic.

For the healing to happen, we all must realize it is alive and its goal is to continue to live. The virus goes from one person to another and sometimes more than once. Like all living things, it wants to keep experiencing life and may mutate.

Again, our job is to respect the life of the virus but also to stop giving it a host.

It seems funny that the earth, which has existed for billions of years and has had many civilizations die off, and we have to remind ourselves that a few tiny drops of a virus must be respected.

As we know in living a spiritual life, we cannot run in fear. We also cannot ignore all warnings thinking the virus is just like the flu. We cannot close our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to the effects it has on life.

Remember, God sends us people to give us guidance. Our job is to use that guidance to start seeing and hearing the people He has sent forth to help us.

Theories that it would be over the day after the election didn’t happen. It is not over for the hospitals that are full of Covid patients right now. For my family, the quarantine period is over after one month of quarantine.

As you have read before, I am a masked person. I have found such great success with masks; I plan on continuing to wear one when outdoor sensitivities present themselves. So, how did I get caught in the pandemic storm?

First and foremost, it all started with one simple cough; a cough I had never heard before. Alerted, I knew to watch for guidance on what the next day would bring and what my next step would be. Next morning, sinus pressure and a drip in the back of my throat, that’s it. The day before my cough I was advised I had been exposed unknowingly. With elderly parents I check in with a few times a week, I went for immediate testing.

I always mask up, but apparently some particles still got through at a close distance. I was now a statistic and the craziness of who I may have exposed began.

Prior to exposure you cannot imagine the list of who you might expose. Thank God, there was only a few. My parents, those living in my home, the physician’s office I took my mom to, my co-worker and her family.

You see, while it doesn’t seem like much when it happens, it is a lot. You find that exposed grandmas cannot babysit toddlers, you cannot go to work, other exposed people can’t go to work and you are quarantined until all family members clear.

This is my story and perhaps it is my story to share with you and hold a light to guide you. Perhaps it is your new awakening to inform you so you can be a guide for others in your life. It may not seem like much, but I invite you to take the time to think about who you see and if you accidently exposed them who would it matter to? It was disappointing and it mattered to me.

Now I am one of the total confirmed cases. A statistic to a group because someone else felt wearing a mask didn’t matter. Social distancing didn’t matter and feeling just a little not well wasn’t Covid-19.

Update: All of us are on the mend, for which I am grateful. It is my prayer that you will use this column as a guide to understanding (1) how easily the virus is caught (2) a mask is good but a mask and social distancing is better (3) the symptoms are not always extreme so be alert and take extra precautions.

AND, the biggest thought I can share is if you want to go without a mask and do not want to social distance you might be choosing the right to life of another person for which you have no right. It matters, wear a mask, social distance as much as possible and wash hands frequently!

“For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed; lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.” Acts 28:27 (ESV)

May your hearts be open to the existence of all life so that your ears hear and your eyes see the guidance God passes before you every day and wellness is yours!

Linda La Croix

Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Find positive and uplifting posts on her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk


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