Boaters need to follow rules

I have been a Lake Orion lake shore resident and boater for over 50 years. Also, I have a good view of the lake from my easy chair. At night I have observed an increasing number of boats which do not have all of the required navigational lights visible, particularly the white stern lights which […]

Enough is enough

Let’s get these assault weapons off the street, except for law enforcement and military. Obama and Democrats have been trying for years to get them off the streets, but the G.O.P. leadership has blocked it. The blood of victims is on their hands. The G.O.P. works for the voters, not the N.R.A. I owe them […]

Resident encourages others to get involved

I receive daily three news papers to track what our elected representatives are doing to pay for their salaries. The Orion Review adds transparency to our local Township dealings. However, the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk as well as our illegal acting Attorney, have a long way to go as to their promises to provide the […]

When is a duck a duck?

In last week’s issue of The Lake Orion Review we were treated to the annual Lake Orion High School Graduation insert. It is an opportunity to scan graduation pictures of offspring and friends. In addition to the formal pictures there are pictures of various students at the commencement ceremony all of course with hearty smiles. […]

Orion Township Treasurer clarifies audit ratings

Pertaining to the article “Audit earns and ‘A’ rating” found in your May 18th issue, I offer the following additional information for the benefit of our residents. The ‘weakness’ described in the article was not a departure from procedure followed at the township for many years. It was simple a discovery that there were no […]

There seems to be unnecessary silliness regarding bathrooms

Don Rush asked for thoughts on this silly discussion regarding the fear gripping our nation about the use of bathrooms by transgender people, so I’d like to offer mine. It is, indeed, silly season. Silly, because it is not transgender people who are asking for laws allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice, […]

Bad Brad’s gets a thumbs up

From the first moment you drive into the decorated parking lot to the moment you walk through the elegant doorway with the aroma of succulent barbeque wafting through the hostess stand, you know that what you will experience will be exceptional and mouthwatering. We had that marvelous experience this week when we dined on slices […]

Police log leaves resident unhappy

Last week in the police blotter you ran a story about financial misconduct at the Lake Orion chapter of The Knight’s of Columbus. I want you to know the the gentleman that was described in your article as a 44-year- old Auburn Hills man and suspect is a war hero. This man spent nearly 20 […]

Twp. is correct to issue littering tickets

The Detroit Free Press has taken it upon itself to file a ridiculous lawsuit against the Orion Township Board demanding $5 million in punitive damages from every individual Orion Township Board official. This newspaper publisher believes it has the right under the 1st Amendment to drop their unsolicited the Free Press Sunday Select advertising circulars […]