Yes to our schools, fire, police

I am writing to express my full support for the school, police and fire proposals on the Aug. 2nd ballot. I grew up in Detroit and had the opportunity to begin coaching at Lake Orion 17 years ago and just finished my 10th year as a special education teacher at LOHS. My wife grew up […]

Votes for Sliwinski, Shults, Schools

Of all the candidates running for township board, I feel Ron Sliwinski would be the greatest asset to the township as a member of the township board. He works VERY hard to learn about issues and communicate that knowledge to concerned citizens; he does his homework. He has been doing this as a private citizen […]

Supervisor: Yes to Sinking Fund

As Township Supervisor, it is my responsibility to look out for the best interests of Orion Township and the people that live here. During my tenure, I have learned one of the keys to a viable community is a continual influx of people of all ages, from school-age children to senior citizens. People move to […]

Community supportive

I am a life-long Lake Orion resident and I fully support the Lake Orion Community Schools Building and Site Sinking Fund. I have had the opportunity to go ‘door-to-door’ to share information and encourage people to vote and vote “yes”. There has been an incredible, positive reaction. I am writing to share a few ‘comments […]

We have big say on schools

I am at an age where my children are close to graduating and will soon be leaving Lake Orion schools. Many of the improvements and refurbishing planned within the Building and Site Sinking Fund will take place after they are gone. But I still wholeheartedly support this important ballot measure and urge you to do […]

Yes votes for Fund, Zielinski

I am writing to support the Lake Orion Community Schools Building and Sinking Fund. Lake Orion Community Schools has 16 buildings, worth an estimated $300 million, most of them being 20-70 years old. We need to protect our investments and vote YES for this dedicated source of funding to complete desperately needed building repairs. Our […]

Repairs need attention

“A stitch in time saves nine” was Benjamin Franklin’s way of saying it costs less time, money and effort to take care of problem areas when they are small rather than waiting for them to become major ones. It’s the same way with public facilities such as school buildings and property. It’s more cost effective […]

Donni earned their support

Donni Steele has earned our endorsement for Orion Township Treasurer. She is our neighbor and has been industrious, upbeat, generous and supportive. Donni has shown an ability to extend herself to help others. She is a strong supporter of the community and has served Lake Orion citizens as Trustee for the last four years. Donni […]

Penny has great character

Re-Elect Penny Shults. My dear friend, Penny exudes only integrity and great character and she is one of the hardest working, most devoted, caring women I know. After 27 unwavering years of service with Orion Township, Penny has been the catalyst of progress as our Township Clerk for the past 8 years. Let’s continue the […]

Vote to represent the citizens

Orion Township is having a difficult time sorting out the good and the bad as to who will properly represent the citizens of the Township. As in all elections we need those who will provide the following: a honest representative, a transparent person, someone that does not need a position as a job, someone who […]

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