LO Freshman football team displays patriotism at game

I would like to share a story with you. About a week-and-a-half ago, I went to watch my grandson, who plays football for the Lake Orion freshman football team, play on the road. Before the game, it was announced that for technical reasons they would not be able to play the national anthem. I looked […]

Poorly maintained medians are an embarrassment to township

As you drive north on Baldwin Road over I-75 it’s easy to observe where the Auburn Hills border ends and the Orion Township one begins. All one needs to do is to look to the neatly mowed and trimmed center medians of Auburn Hills, and the extremely poor ones of Orion. Embarrassing! Can’t wait to […]

On Saying ‘Yes’ to Lake Orion

On Saying ‘Yes’ to Lake Orion

Molly LaLone is the executive director of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority. Wow Lake Orion! Can you believe it’s already been a year? A little bit longer than that, truthfully. But, I’d say this is the month I really started to fall for you. This is the month I started to get to know […]

Don’t ask to share my popcorn!

Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to Don Rush’s column, “Icky-poo! Yuckies on grocery carts,” in the Aug. 16, 2017 issue of The Lake Orion Review. To Don Rush of Don’t Rush Me fame: Yes, we are a nation of slobs, pigs, and societal dirt bags and cretins. We have abandoned manners in hygiene. […]

Glad to see state Rep. John Reilly explains his voting record

I was happy to see the article on State Representative John Reily. (“State Rep. John Reilly shares complete voting record online,” Lake Orion Review, July 19, 2017, page 3.) I love the fact that he posts his vote explanations on Facebook, as well as on repreilly.com. John and I ascribe to very different political paradigms, […]

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