Sinking Fund is a necessity

I am voting yes on the sinking fund. I am usually a no vote on these issues. This time, however, I am a yes man. The concerns I have with huge sums of monies getting lost in a vast government bureaucracy have been eased by the money being raised, spent and controlled locally. The need […]

Resident supporting Kent

I am supporting Joe Kent for state representative because I know him to be an honest, kind, self-sacrificing individual who has already given much to our community. During my time as president of the Lake Orion Rotary Club, I could always count on Joe to help out with fundraisers, road clean-up, whatever was needed. Joe […]

Sinking Fund important for our kids

As a parent, it is common to ask your child how their day at school went. It is disheartening when the first thing they tell you is they had to sit next to the trash can because the roof was leaking. It is also not good to hear that the LOCS Board has to fund […]

He’s voting for Zielinski

I grew up in Lake Orion and attended Lake Orion High School, Class of 1993. I’ve known Jenn Zielinski for approx 25 years. She is a stand up citizen with exceptional morals and values. She is very intelligent and would bring a new energy to the clerk’s office. I have no doubt that her professional […]

Resident supports Sinking Fund

I am writing to you in SUPPORT of the Sinking Fund for Lake Orion Schools that will be on the ballot on August 2 nd . I write to you as a long time, proud member of this community and as a home owner who understands how important great schools are to our home values. […]

Vote for Zielinski for clerk

I confidently recommend Jenn Zielinski for Orion Township Clerk. Jenn, a corporate leader, dedicated mom and trustworthy friend is committed to making a difference in the Orion community. In my years of knowing Jenn, I have found her to be totally honest, very well liked and respected in our community. Jenn, a long-time Orion resident, […]

A yes vote for our children

Voting yes, why? We NEED to secure safe buildings for the future of our children. People need to realize that this is NOT a bond. These funds can ONLY be used on building and site improvements period. They will not get diverted to anything else. Whether they are in need now or in 10 years […]

Yes to our schools, fire, police

I am writing to express my full support for the school, police and fire proposals on the Aug. 2nd ballot. I grew up in Detroit and had the opportunity to begin coaching at Lake Orion 17 years ago and just finished my 10th year as a special education teacher at LOHS. My wife grew up […]

Votes for Sliwinski, Shults, Schools

Of all the candidates running for township board, I feel Ron Sliwinski would be the greatest asset to the township as a member of the township board. He works VERY hard to learn about issues and communicate that knowledge to concerned citizens; he does his homework. He has been doing this as a private citizen […]

Supervisor: Yes to Sinking Fund

As Township Supervisor, it is my responsibility to look out for the best interests of Orion Township and the people that live here. During my tenure, I have learned one of the keys to a viable community is a continual influx of people of all ages, from school-age children to senior citizens. People move to […]

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