Yes on NOTA millage! No to Parks & Rec. millage!

The parks and trails are good, but the priority should be fixing the roads. There are so many craters, you would think you were on the moon! That would be a smarter use of the taxpayers’ money, don’t you think? J.P. King Lake Orion Editor’s Note: A NOTA (North Oakland Transportation Authority) millage request and […]

Why is race a necessary descriptor in the Public Safety column?

In your Wednesday, July 4th edition, I noticed that you included their race as a descriptor for two black men from Flint who were the subjects of a report. (“Alert tellers detect fraud attempt,” July 4, 2018, Lake Orion Review, p. 6.) But none of the other six reports included the race of their subjects. […]

Phone Apps Are Sleuth Like!

If you have a Smart Phone, and most people do these days, you realize just how much our lives are controlled by that electronic item we travel with everywhere.  There are apps on our phones that allow us to “find our car”, or “find our keys” or “find our friends” or the best, “find my […]

Angels walk among us in Lake Orion

In a world of uncertainty, stress and downright ugliness, I want to share an amazing story of human compassion, selflessness and an over-abundance of love right here in our own Lake Orion. While the list is too long to thank each of you here, I have affectionately named them our “Labor of Love Angels!!!” My […]

Mackinac Policy Conference – Fudge And Falderal

(Falderal: mere nonsense; foolish talk or ideas.) We are this week involved in one of the biggest boondoggles in Michigan. No, I’m not referring to our Lansing lawmakers and their summer sojourn, I’m alluding to the annual Mackinac Policy Conference which this year takes place on The Island from May 29 – June 1. The […]

Trustee Ron Sliwinski needs to keep his word and resign

On Monday, April 16, 2018, I appeared before the Orion Township Board of Trustees to comment on a pending issue in the township. My comments, in part, were as follows: “Mr. Chairman [Supervisor Chris Barnett], I am responding to your statement in the March 29, 2018 Lake Orion Review article. In regard to Trustee Ron […]

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