Bruce vs. Duck Feeder

The citizens of Lake Orion complain about Bruce, our neighborhood homeless person who lives on Lapeer (M-24).

There is an elderly lady who lives by Paint Creek Trail who, in my opinion, causes more of a problem than Bruce.

She is not on the main street so no one complains about her. She comes out twice a day with a bag of grain, cereal, crackers and cat food to feed the ducks in Meek Park.

She has been doing this for six years. Rain or shine, even in the winter she is out there. The ducks wait for her and when they see her, they flock to her for food.

Now, don’t the ducks cause a problem with water and land contamination? There are five cats that do the same. (From what I understand they have all been neutered and spayed.) They keep the rodent population down at the lumber yard and surrounding area.

Rather than to complain about Bruce, I hope someone has helped him file for SSI or SSD (whatever he is entitled to) and make sure he has health care.

No, I don’t want to encourage others like Bruce to take residence in Lake Orion but how long has this been his home?

Also, I wish someone could educate this lady on the problem feeding the ducks cause.

Just as feeding the ducks is her livelihood, Lapeer (M-24) is his.

Concerned resident,

Loraine Brie

Lake Orion