Bond design teams for series one continue to make progress

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

Bond design teams for series one are in full swing. The teams for Webber, Orion Oaks, the Early Childhood Center, technology and furniture met on March 13.

Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Heidi Mercer has been working with the design teams and committees on a regular basis and has been giving the board updates as they come.

Mercer updated the school board during its meeting on Wednesday.

According to Mercer, the Early Childhood group spent their time reviewing photos of Early Childhood centers they had visited. This week thecommittee will be touring what is expected to be their last building, an Early Childhood Center in Grand Rapids.

This has allowed the team to pick out the things they do like and the things they don’t like in order to get an idea of what LOCS would like to do in the next several years, Mercer said.

The Orion Oaks Elementary design team reviewed a site map and discussed traffic flow.

The Webber design team also discussed traffic flow as well as took a tour of the building to determine where the new wing would possibly go.

The STEM and furniture teams kicked off and spent their time discussing ideas and opening up their minds.

“All of these design teams and committees are really working very well,” said Mercer. “It’s been a lot of fun.”