Boat dock reinstalled at Green’s Park

By Chris Hagan
Review Staff Writer
One of the amenities that has been absent from Green’s Park has finally been returned —a boat dock.
During the June 13 village council meeting, the council approved the purchase of a 30-foot floating dock for $3,801 and now it’s been installed in the same location where the original dock once sat.
The dock was purchased from Instant Marine in Clarkston and features an aluminum understructure and white vinyl decking which will increase the life of the dock and require less maintenance.
“There’s always a need for docks and replacing that dock will help to reestablish and meet a need that we have on the lake for people to have a place to dock their boat,” Village Manager Darwin McClary said.
According to McClary, the same rules that were in place with the previous dock are in place for the new one. Boaters do not need a specific pass or permit to use the dock nor do they need a Greens Park pass. The dock will accommodate two boats but there may be instances where the police use the dock during patrols or events.
The original dock was wood and was removed following the 2014 season due to its poor condition.
McClary said the Village is trying to work on a project that would establish additional docks at Pelton’s Point.
There’s definitely an unmet need for docking facilities for people who want to dock and come downtown to eat or shop and we’re doing everything we can to meet that need, he said.

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