Believes in Mark Thurber

I am writing to support retaining Mark Thurber as Treasurer of Orion Township. I have known Mark and his family for many years and believe he has done a great job for us as treasurer since taking office. This is a matter of integrity and Mark deserves our support for reelection. As a human resources professional of over 20 years, my role as employee recruiter and screener as well as talent retention expert has given me a skill in reading and judging people. Mark is as genuine as they come. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and community-focused. He stands up for what is right, at the expense of acceptance by other board members. We don’t need a monopoly government in our community. We need people like Mark Thurber who objectively weigh issues and represent the best interests of our township.
Rhonda Doherty
Orion Township resident

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