Being what the world needs you to be

Memorial Day weekend was a good time to recognize the men and women who died in service of our country. With this thought in mind, this month is a good time for all of us to examine our thoughts more closely.

Meditate on a time in our country’s history where people served and lost their lives. Think on the families who had to come to terms with this great change in their lives. We cannot change previous actions, but we can spend time in silence thinking loving, peaceful, healing thoughts and clear our emotions.

One way to be in harmony with the past, or events happening around the world, is to just sit still and breathe in God. Remnants of past traumas we experienced, or those felt in generations before us, can be held deep within. Prayer is therapeutic for this; first, focus your attention on a specific time or event in history. Let go of negative thoughts and think only of positive ones. Imagine them going out to the universe. It’s freeing and can release old wounds.

Continue those thoughts regardless of what you see happening in the news or other reports. We can choose to hold a vision of how we want our world to be so it becomes our reality.

To do this, when something comes into your conscious mind, evaluate it. If you know or feel it’s not in harmony with the world you want to live in, change your mental picture with a new thought/picture. If it is your intent to live in a world that is in unity and people live in harmony with each other, you are aligning your thoughts with “world peace.” Great idea!

Remember, it is important not to become part of the problem by giving your thoughts energy when it’s not something good. The more attention you give something, good or bad, the easier it is to manifest!

Instead, place in your thoughts a picture of the world you want to see. Use your breath to help you make the change. As you think on what you are letting go, breathe in. Allow the breath of God to flow in and through you calmly and slowly. Do this until a new picture of what you want to see shows up in your mind and love that new thought.

There is always a lot happening in the world so be choosy about what you want to buy into. You have heard me say before that sometimes letting go is the best answer and it is freeing as well.

Actively voicing or thinking condemning thoughts, thinking others are wrong or feeling overly stressed and concerned, will pull you from living a life of higher consciousness. When you do that, you are living too heavily in the physical world. And, sooner or later those thought energies will come back around to be worked on again. And, they keep returning until you work on them and rebalance the collective consciousness.

Only you can choose what emotions you want to express and it’s your choice which causes you care to explore or bring peace, unity and harmony to.

For instance, the minute we make a choice to disagree, argue or become upset, we have picked up a new unhealthy thought to process.

Working on those unhealthy thoughts, clearing them from our consciousness, maintains a healthier body and life. Illnesses are often nature giving us a down time to reset and rebalance our thought mind. It clears our spiritual pathway, but it might be easier to stop the thoughts before you get that down time.

In spiritual living we learn nothing is about other people, life is about us. We are the ones to acknowledge and correct any imbalances in our thinking. Our circumstances in life keep returning until we can shine the light of love on them and make peace with them. This practice is how you participate in co-creating a better world.

God is love, anything less than that is out of harmony with His creation. When you live life as a spiritual journey, you are always taking a good look at yourself.

Through the ripple effect we know by changing our own little corner of the world we can have an effect on society and current events. To change our world, we must first go within and see what we have to change in ourselves. There is no time like the present to take a serious look at yourself. Are you being what the world needs you to be?

As often as you can, be still and notice that by responding to current events in loving, peaceful ways, you will find harmony in all that is happening around you. Then, when we remember the lives lost in service to our country, we will know we in turn did our part in restoring peace and harmony to our world.

Whatever you put in your consciousness lies within your heart. Put the treasures (that which is important to you) into your own development and be a calm, loving, peaceful, creation of God. See good things!

Matthew 6:21(ESV) “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix


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