What if Hilary Clinton should win in November?

You can expect a huge influx of migrants, immigrants, legal and illegal and others who do not plan to leave this country. Welfare costs will skyrocket. To feed, house and take care of medical needs of thousands of migrants, legal and illegal. Crime rates will increase with undesirables coming for free everything. All welfare offices, […]

Voting for all Dems

Look at the way the republicans treat Hillary Clinton, would you treat your mother or grandmother that way? I never did. How do you think they are going to treat you? The democrats are not the ones making it harder for everyone to vote, the republicans are. Truth is, the GOP is desperate and afraid […]

Blanche Sims students receive backpack surprise

By Georgia Thelen Review Staff Writer AT&T Michigan Pioneers presented 40 backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need at Blanche Sims Elementary School on September 9. The backpacks included paper, folders, pencils and several other necessary items for students’ success. This marks the 16th consecutive year that the AT&T Pioneers have participated in […]

M-24 Roadwork aka Driving Disaster

While I appreciate the long overdue improvements being made to M-24, I don’t appreciate the lack of thought of its consequences. This is the main thoroughfare into and out of Lake Orion. It is the only route to get to the only high school, a middle school and several housing communities. With the already-in-progress construction […]

Resident expresses concerns about schools

I am concerned about reading a portion of the Lake Orion School District’s Superintendent Marion Ginopolis’ comments wherein she stated at the end of Jim Newell’s article of Wed., Sept. 7, 2016, “that the building and site sinking fund would also allow the district to build up its fund balance. The current fund balance is […]

Bicyclists alert motorist of car fire

Bicyclists alert motorist of car fire Thank you to the bicyclists who alerted our son’s girlfriend that her car was not just overheating, but was flat out on fire as you road on the bike path on Joslyn Road near Joslyn Court on Labor Day at 7:20 p.m. Through your selfless actions only the vehicle […]

Pine log needed to help replace stolen monument

When Christopher Woityra’s daughter, Taylor Beth, died Sept. 10, 2014 at age 21 due to complications stemming from treating for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he had a peace symbol carved as a monument. That monument was stolen from his home on July 6, and now he needs a pine log to replace the tribute to Taylor Beth, […]

Boys cross country is running strong, looking to step it up

Boys cross country is running strong, looking to step it up

By Jim Newell Review Staff Writer The Lake Orion Men’s Cross Country team is off to a good start, showing promise early in the season with two second-place and one third-place finish in their meets. Coach Stan Ford said the team has performed well, but knows they need to continue to improve in order to […]

Tommystock returning to Camp Agawam

By Chris Hagan Review Staff Writer Many people haven’t heard of Tommystock but it’s been a local tradition for years, and for the second year in a row they’re working to better the community. Across Tommy’s Lake, and before Camp Agawam donned the green circle symbol of a township park, event organizers John Carson and […]