Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts and Michigan undies

As everybody and their Aunt Matilda have pointed out (and rightly so), Monday was a day to honor the American soldier and those who died in service of our country. Noble, yes . . . but not the point of this column, this week. Nope, today I write that Memorial Day is also the historical […]

What kind of creature is Sean?

Does anybody remember comedian Bill Murray’s lounge lizard routine from those exciting days of yesteryear, when ‘Saturday Night Live? was relatively new? I only ask this, because son Sean Rush, is following in Bill’s footsteps, if only because he walks around the house singing (over and over), ‘Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars . . […]

I am all for the modern world.

Rain, rain. Everywhere rain. Rain on the grass. Rain on the roads. Rain in the basement . . . ouch! We got rain. We got wind. Then after two days of being drenched and blown around, we lost power. And, while we were not exactly living a PBS Colonial House existence, things were tough at […]

George ‘Andy? Anderson was a ‘straight up guy?

When George (Andy) Anderson hit the Independence Township scene in October, 1973, the Clarkston News described him as a ‘ball of fire,? resembling ‘an easygoing Scandinavian.? Mr. Anderson died after his lengthy battle with Parkinson’s disease last Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007, at the Genesys Hospice in Goodrich. He was 64-years-old. Anderson was 30-years-old when the […]

Thomas Jefferson on . . .

(This column is from the Don’t Rush Me Archives. It was published, first, in Nov. 2006.) It’s over! Thank whomever you will, but thank ’em goodly for the past election cycle passing. How crappy can politicians be to one another? And, how idle-minded are we to listen to their crappiness? I can only venture a […]

Reins in my teeth, I’m clinging to the myth

Guess who was the first person I ever heard cuss on TV? John Wayne. Yep, it’s true. Folks today may not remember their ‘first? TV swear word because everybody swears on television these days. It’s commonplace. Old news. Not memorable. But, back a few years it just wasn’t so. So, late one night in the […]

A call to arms . . . read and learn

There are a few things that have popped up over the last few days which I wanted to share. Item One: Larry Drum Last month I received notice from Larry Drum’s sister, Gayle, that her brother is up for a parole hearing. Regular readers may remember the story of the former Lake Orion Eagle Scout […]

Talking trash in Brandon Township

In just 12 hours Brandon Township residents were able to clear their homes, garages, yards and property of 3,370 yards of unwanted debris — debris that will not find its way to area roadsides. Everything from sofas to snowmobiles and speedboats, to campers, car parts and general crud were pitched during the township’s annual Spring […]

Isuzu Ascender

By Don Rush First, a thought from the wrong side of the road . . . with all automakers world-wide now selling their products in each other’s territory, there must be a ‘rush? to come up with just the right name for each new product. A company has to come up with a fresh name […]

Time to ‘Ask a Bunch of Questions?

Oh joy of joys. Another election year is upon us. It’s time we get soundbite answers, negative campaigning, do-nothing TV commercials, slanted reporting and mudslinging. Yep, things will get pretty hot and heavy as ballots this year will be cast not only for national issues, but for people, ideas and increased taxes locally. It’s a […]