Where others dare not tread

Watching the news reports from the war in Iraq, I (albeit a lily white guy from a lily white part of the world with no experience in matters abroad) have come to this conclusion: The take over has officially begun and in the war for the hearts and minds of Iraqis, we are winning. While […]

To all the cars I’ve loved before…

So, it was this past Friday, I found myself tooling around town, from Clarkston to Oxford, downtown Orion, back to Clarkston and up to Ortonville and finally Goodrich, when I noticed something. I moved my eyebrows up in my ever-expanding forehead and it felt a little tight. I peeked into the rearview mirror and, dang. […]

To Hollywood from Clarkston, via New York

‘I moved to LA in 2001 to pursue a career as a writer. Today, I took a significant step toward that goal.? This past spring, friends and family of 1986 Clarkston High School graduate Karen Barna received that message via e-mail. Barna landed a job as a staff writer for the Warner Brothers studio. The […]

Hippie networking with a smile, cup of Joe

One of the best things we have done was to start hosting weekly ‘networking? meetings a little over two years ago. I put quotation marks around ‘networking? because our Coffee Clubs are not typical networking-type meetings. I say it was one of the best things we’ve done for a number of reasons. Maybe not the […]

Life can be such a bummer

Much of what happens at home and around the world — commonly referred to as life — can be summed up in one word. Bummer. Which is not to say life is a bummer. Even when you are living a George Baileyesque wonderful life like me, bummer things happen — your car needs towing, your […]

Bush and Kerry and elections, oh my

Give me a Y. Give me an I. Give me a K. Give me an E and a S, what’s it spell? Yikes . . . Yikes! YIKES! Now that the two parties in control of politics here and across the nation have had their weeks in the spotlight all I can say is, yikes. […]

Stuck in bureaucratic phone limbo

Gather round the campfire, kids. I shall endeavor to weave a tale of woe, whilst teaching a lesson just as the bards of old. ‘Twas only a few revolutions of the Earth ago, only several passings of the sun have come and gone, but I can still remember the experience as if it were yesterday, […]

What happens when you ain’t moved to . . .

Often times when I am out and about a reader will come up to me and ask, ‘Week in and week out where do you get ideas to write about?? I have answered that question a lot, so I have been able to hone my answer down to something that at least sounds original each […]

Over medicating our youth?

Once again, I love my job. One of the cool things about being Johnny-On-The-Spot, Ace-Reporter, and Award-Winning-Columnist of Don’t Rush Me fame, Don Rush, is community contact. Readers write! They write me, they write opinions, articles and books. And sometimes (if I am lucky) they write me about the books they write or causes they […]

Hot damn! I got a stye in my eye!

Last week I got some great news. News that had me whistling happy tunes, snapping my fingers and tapping my toes. I had a stye in my eye — left to be exact. That’s it. That is my happy news. I went to the urgent care center in Oxford, sat down on the table-bed thing […]

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