Hey, plants have feelings, too

Mr. Smarty Pants, Don Rush, only received an Honorable Mention in this year’s Michigan Press Association Better Newspaper Contest for Local Column Writing. The judges only said of Rush’s efforts: ‘These columns on local issues and people strike a chord with the reader.? Despite his lackluster performance in writing, Rush has taken the week off. […]

Sometimes living — and dying — in a community is a good thing

There is something to be said about privacy, minding your own businesses and hoping folks return the favor — you tend to your backyard, I’ll tend to mine. On the other hand, as one Orion Township family discovered, sometimes there is comfort in community. In their time of grieving, the Osip family felt a warmth […]

Chevrolet dealer John Bowman passes

Last Friday the business of running a car dealership continued. The sun shone brightly through the walls of plate glass windows; salesmen showed new cars to customers; service continued and transactions transpired, but something was different. It hung there quietly in the air. ‘Mr. B? wasn’t there. John Elden Bowan owner and president of John […]

My masculinity must’f deminished

So there I was in my backyard, in my domain. Don Rush, Master of His Domain and fashion maven: sky blue, white and tan bowling shirt, khaki shorts and faded forest green rubber boots up to my knees. (If there’s a picture next to the definition of the Suburban American Male, I’m sure it would […]


Three frackin forty smackin nine a gallon! I can no focus. I am beside meself. Something’s gotta give. When I calm down . . . I’ll write. Til then check out MySpace for your’s truly.

Don’s take on being a dad

I must say my stratiegery of brainwashing is (so far) going as scheduled. I’ll be honest, I am trying to influence my boys? lives to my way of thinking. Publicly, some dads say they plan to let their boys be boys, to let nature and the environment take their courses. Publicly, they say they don’t […]

Where others dare not tread

Watching the news reports from the war in Iraq, I (albeit a lily white guy from a lily white part of the world with no experience in matters abroad) have come to this conclusion: The take over has officially begun and in the war for the hearts and minds of Iraqis, we are winning. While […]

To all the cars I’ve loved before…

So, it was this past Friday, I found myself tooling around town, from Clarkston to Oxford, downtown Orion, back to Clarkston and up to Ortonville and finally Goodrich, when I noticed something. I moved my eyebrows up in my ever-expanding forehead and it felt a little tight. I peeked into the rearview mirror and, dang. […]

To Hollywood from Clarkston, via New York

‘I moved to LA in 2001 to pursue a career as a writer. Today, I took a significant step toward that goal.? This past spring, friends and family of 1986 Clarkston High School graduate Karen Barna received that message via e-mail. Barna landed a job as a staff writer for the Warner Brothers studio. The […]

Hippie networking with a smile, cup of Joe

One of the best things we have done was to start hosting weekly ‘networking? meetings a little over two years ago. I put quotation marks around ‘networking? because our Coffee Clubs are not typical networking-type meetings. I say it was one of the best things we’ve done for a number of reasons. Maybe not the […]