Acrylic Artists get in some fresh air and painting at Orion Library

Acrylic Artists get in some fresh air and painting at Orion Library

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

There are many ways that residents around Lake Orion take advantage of the nature that surrounds the area.

Some find solace in boating, hanging out at the beach or spending time in the historic downtown.

For the Lake Orion Community School’s Acrylic Art class, getting out and experiencing the nature Lake Orion has to offer includes their art supplies.

The course is taught by local artist Dorothy Sedlock who recently took home first place in the Anything Goes Art Contest at the Orion Art Center.

While the class usually meets at the CERC (Community Education Resource Center), the summertime is their chance to get out and do some painting outdoors, said Sedlock.

The class is currently working on pieces that showcase landmarks around Lake Orion.

Last month, the group were the guest artists at the Twp. Library where their landmark paintings were displayed in the libraries front lobby.

On Thursday, several students involved in the course met up in the gardens behind the Orion Township Library to enjoy the weather and work on their art pieces.

“We’ve gone to different places in Lake Orion because we’re planning on having a show of the views of Lake Orion at the Art Center sometime next year,” Sedlock said. “So that’s why we’re here painting different views of the library as an artist would see.”

The studio painting class is put on through Lake Orion Community Education. Classes meet on Thursday mornings during both the winter and summer.

“We try to foster individuality, ” said Sedlock. “Some workshops you have to do a specific painting, you sign up and everyone does the same painting,. Our approach is more individual toward individual interests.

To sign up for this course please visit or call 248-693-5436. The full community education catalog can be viewed at


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