A Winter Spiritual Walk

I am sure you will agree that it looks like winter has finally arrived. Along with winter we have its cold, ice and snow. Up until this past week winter has been very easy, but as I write this the forecast is for a lot of snow.

That forecast made me wonder: if I were to take a spiritual walk through my imagination, would I find something spiritual about the cold, ice or snow?

Even if you are not someone who enjoys being outdoors you can still enjoy the beauty of the season. One of my favorite winter visuals is watching a soft and easy snowfall from inside. It reminds me of being in the center of a huge snow globe. A fresh blanket of snow gives us a picture of beauty that centers us between our physical plane and the heavenly picture we are viewing.

Those who enjoy the colder temperatures can enjoy the winter snow by snowmobiling, skiing, ice skating, sledding, or building a snowman.

The extra cold reminds us that on a higher level of existence Mother Nature has a need for this season. That need is to take care of the earth and the people in other areas by the accumulation of snow in the North. As you know the earth is round, so the snow and ice we receive is later carried down by gravity to the areas below us. When the Great Lakes does not experience enough snowfall the Southern states, in the months to come, will become drier and experience water shortages.

As kids, each of us, usually unexpectedly, were taught; with ice there is always the potential to slip and fall.

So innately, when the conditions are right, our sub-conscious mind sends a message to our conscious mind to be alert. We respond instantly and in our minds eye we can even feel the feeling of falling.

As our own protection mechanism we begin to pay extra attention to what we are doing. Ice is often not easily seen, we have to be mentally alert to the possibility of its existence.

Being alert means to keep your conscious mind open. Open to noticing something that has the potential to create danger for you so that you can hopefully avert it.

Spiritually speaking, that is true with many things in our lives. Life is going along great when all the sudden something unseen slides into your life. These unseen things are usually something you have not experienced before — like hitting black ice are unexpected. They are often something you find dreadful, something you don’t want to deal with or don’t want to experience.

I myself would like to experience the perfect calm life every day, but that would not be living life on the physical plane.

When something slides into your life and takes you into a new experience you have to deal with, begin with your breath. Always begin with breath. Calm, cleansing breaths have a soothing effect on us and helps us breathe new thoughts into our consciousness. Once you have the breath started tell your conscious mind to keep you calm and give you what you need to handle what has come into your life.

In your mind’s eye create a visual opening for your conscious mind to connect with your sub-conscious. From that point visually expand the opening in your mind to connect with Divine Mind (God).

In this quiet space mentally affirm that you seek a solution.

You seek direction as to what your part is to play.

You seek the ability to be in this experience and do what you need to do, and to do it with ease and comfort to your physical body.

As you practice this you will continue to expand your consciousness which will commit it to memory.

Next time something unexpected or unseen slides into your life; it will not surprise you as much. Your innate energy will be active and alert you before it happens. Chances are you will know what to do immediately and you will stay calmer.

Warning: just like with a lot of snow there is the possibility of becoming stuck. If you feel like your life is stuck I encourage you to reach out to someone.

I am always amazed at the people I meet and how they share their experiences in an effort to help others. Need support in finding your direction? Call us at Unity of Lake Orion.

Many blessings as you walk spiritually through winter,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion

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