A spiritual perspective on dealing with chaos

Surely you have noticed all the chaos going on. If you’re like me, you have enough in your own life; no need to add more. But, in 2020 through no fault of our own, we added a worldwide pandemic. And, we didn’t stop there, we added political drama.

A new year started adding freezing cold temps causing damage and deaths in the state of Texas.

A quick Google search easily revealed in February alone the world has experienced eight earthquakes. The unusual cold weather front brought snow and cold across other areas of our country, too.

What’s a spiritual soul to think to stay positive?

Since the first report about Texas, I began holding good thoughts and prayers for help to flow to them easily and quickly. How awful to have a power outage, then loss of natural gas. That led to frozen pipes, broken pipes, icicles hanging in homes, no water to drink, food shortages, grocery stores closed, and most recently, a report stating the sewer pipes might break.

With that much chaos happening, holding a belief in a power greater than oneself can be difficult even for the most trusting and faithful follower. I mean spiritual, religious or atheist — we have emotional limits! Any disaster can make it easy to question life, especially when many situations are presenting themselves one right after the other.

As a pastor and spiritual soul you pray for all the people being affected. It’s what you do and all you can do. It doesn’t matter if you have been asked for prayer or been given permission to pray or not. You just do it adding that the receiver is receptive to receiving prayers.

Pastors are cheerleaders. It’s what we do; we listen, pray with you, and affirm God’s goodness in you, your life, and all your situations. We see you as God’s child, filled with love and goodness and affirm you always do your best and receive your best. We hold a vision that all your outcomes will always be successful. People around the world are always praying for the best for others so never feel alone.

When chaos brings many things all at once we can experience difficulty connecting with Spirit or even believing in God.

We experienced this type of chaos on 9/11 and our lives shifted and changed. They shifted again last year when we witnessed the protests and what looked like riots with damage and looting. And, in the pandemic, which has changed our lifestyle, our churches went online, people became sick and many died. Need I go on?

So much at once and we have not experienced anything like this in our lives before. Even the strongest believer can find these times to be more difficult to connect with the Oneness I speak of so often. Yet, when it is difficult to connect, we have to remind ourselves that connecting is what we need the most. In this crazy time, to stay centered in our beliefs we can use denials and affirmations more frequently.

We cannot deny the pandemic, earthquakes or the unusual cold weather pattern that hit the south. Nor can we deny issues like lost jobs, wages, domestic terrorism, racism, suppression, etc.

Instead, we change the way we think about them. The only change we can make when we don’t like what life is giving us is to change ourselves.

Changing how you think, denying situations have control of your life, and using positive affirmations will help dismantle the chaos in your life. When seeing chaos, I begin thinking of the best affirmation to replace it with. No need for negative energy to take up a permanent place of existence in my consciousness. Instead I affirm good things are happening and give permission for it to show up.

In my columns and my spiritual work I give you ideas that have worked for me. Being mindful that something else may work better for you, like journaling, dance or music. If you have something that works for you use it and stay connected to the Spirit of Oneness the best you can.

And, when chaos shows up do not blame God or Mother Nature.

Instead, say affirming prayers for something better to show up. The pandemic still exists but we can affirm the availability of helpful medicine being found, people eating well, de-stressing and giving support to their immune systems. And, of course, let us affirm the virus leaves as easy as it came.

If you become caught up in the chaos or find connecting with Spirit is not easy, that is the time to search through your spiritual tool kit or add something to it. Recently I added a book called 10,000+ Positive Affirmations by R.M. Winters. It’s like a cheat sheet of affirmations and you don’t have to think them up on your own.

We never know what our tomorrows will bring, but instead of being concerned about it, let’s change our thinking! Using our spiritual tools let’s place a picture in our minds of something better coming.

I see your success!

Linda La Croix Croix

Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Find positive and uplifting posts on her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk.


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