A Reflection on Wedding Vows…

A couple years ago I attended a bridal event as a vendor. Being there gave me the opportunity to meet many couples who were in the midst of planning their wedding.

This was such an exciting time for them. Their thoughts were focused on the cake, dress, makeup, music, photographer and more. Most couples I met had given little thought to their vows and many had no idea who would officiate their wedding.

When two individual lives decide to join together it is the love in each of their hearts that says; I love you, and I commit to living a life with you, working together to create the best for each other for the rest of our lives. If you have been married many years, chances are you feel like I do; saying your wedding vows was one of the milestones in your life.

When you marry, there will be times when you think back on your wedding day and the only thing that you can really recall is knowing that you had a wedding and the color the bridal party wore.

I found that because life happens, not too many years later the only part of the wedding that was still fresh in my mind was the conscious recall that I had a marriage license and so legally I was married. Visually, I had a ring, but when I looked at my wedding pictures I remembered more.

Now, when I talk to my brides and grooms to-be, I explain my thoughts and tell them not to skimp on the photographer. Years later that will be all you have as a reminder of how your wedding day was.

When a couple is married at Unity of Lake Orion, I have the opportunity to work with the couple and see what ideas they have in mind for their special day. Even if a couple does not attend a church at all, I still encourage a church wedding. I believe Jesus came to show us the way to God. Jesus was not affiliated with any specific church organization and his work was to be the conscious reflection of God to others.

Today is a new day, many people fall in love with people from other cultures or different faiths. As a church with no denomination, we create a wedding chapel where all faiths come together in unity.

During a recent wedding, you could see the love the bride and groom had for each other and the respect they held for life itself. It is easy to get caught up in their excitement and feel the nervous energy going on. As everyone goes to their places, we double-check if the bride is ready, music is playing, who has the ring, and the processional begins. I never tire of it and each one of the weddings are a beautiful reflection of the bride and groom.

As a Certified Wedding Celebrant, I believe the vows that you make to each other on your wedding day should steal the show. If you are interested in combining your ethnic traditions or beginning your own new traditions, do it! Most importantly, it’s your day; say it with your vows! Let this time be a memorable expression of love in front of God, your friends and your family. Make it from your hearts and remind others what love is.

Your love for each other and your marriage license are the ties that bind. Being different does not make a couple love for each other any less before God. It can influence where a couple is welcomed to be married, but with a little open mindedness and creativity, I have witnessed some beautiful weddings.

Always, the special love between the couple is a wonderful gift to give each other and for your guests to witness.

When planning and being a part of all of it, remember that everything which can be bought for your wedding ceremony will one day hold little to no value. But, the special moments during your vows will from time to time filter back through your mind.

When you are invited to a wedding do your best to attend the ceremony, use this time as an opportunity to be reminded of your own vows. Even those of us who have been married for a long time can still pick up something new to reflect on. When you attend a wedding, I encourage you to let the day be a conscious reflection to you of your own journey into marriage as well. Listen intently to the ceremony and consciously refresh your commitment to your own marriage.

Wedding vows are an expression of your love. God created each of us out of love, His love. Our mission in life, should we choose to accept it, is to share that same type of love, His love with the world. When you find that person who balances and reflects the love you have within you, it shines a positive energy out into the world.

“And to all these qualities add love, which binds all things together in perfect unity.” – Colossians 3:14 (GN).

Linda La Croix is Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion and a Certified Wedding Celebrant. See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk for more spiritual unfoldment.