A Quest for Expanding Your Mind…

One of my favorite hobbies is researching. In an effort to learn more, and be more, I have to keep looking into what else is out there.
That makes me think back to years ago when my friend in her nineties said, “The way to keep your mind young and working good as you age is to always be curious and learn about the new things that come along.”
She felt that when you are curious and learning new things, your conscious mind will expand and make room for these new findings.
The opposite, which is closed-mindedness, can stem from being alone with no outside interactions. Mind expansion allows you to feel like you are a part of the bigger picture of life and your mind stays younger and sharper. It’s simple to do, just ask yourself: What is it I am interested to learn about? What pops in your thoughts? Write it down. Keep the thought handy and when you have a few free minutes, research it!
Engaging with others will also help to grow your awareness and expand your mind as you listen to what interests them and what they do. Socializing plays a big part in how we feel about life. Connecting with society and the community around us keeps our minds open to learning – and enhances them. One thing I enjoy about being a part of my church community is the other people. I like hearing what they do as their hobby, their life experiences or sharing what they study.
When I hear something that internally piques my interest, I am off to research it. It is not always a quick find, but I surrender to the thought that when what we are looking for takes too much effort it’s not ours to know, at least not yet.
When you are researching, if your internal desire has you continue the search to find out more information, then that becomes part of your journey. It’s the finding and the search for it that fills the opening we created for it in our mind. During the time spent searching we are also discerning whether it is something we really want to add to our life.
“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2
Researching is mind expanding and can be personally fulfilling especially if you find something that feeds your spirit. Totally a good thing!
But our conscious mind needs direction, especially in today’s fast-paced and busy world. We can become exhausted as our conscious mind has to keep up with all that is given to us. Not only is it coming to us frequently, but also quickly. Sometimes so quickly I wonder if our conscious mind has time to sift through it all. Sifting is necessary to find what is good to keep before it is put into our sub-conscious mind. Take a moment to think about all that is given to us daily. It comes from what we read, hear on the radio or by phone and from watching television, with its many commercials.
It is so important to choose your information wisely – by listening to your internal spirit. Check in and ask yourself if this is what I need to add to my life? Information is an ever-flowing process. Learning new things is mind-expanding, but I encourage you to research what is being put into your consciousness. Be sure it is what you want in your life’s journey. Be informed about what goes in so that you can be sure what you are allowing in is good. You will know it is good because it feels right.
For example: A couple of years ago, another minister friend of mine introduced me to Father Richard Rohr. At the time, I enjoyed his work but wasn’t ready to have the information in my sub-conscious mind yet. Recently, while researching something else, I came across a YouTube video of Rohr. I watched it and immediately my interest was piqued. I knew I had to hear more and it felt right. As I continued to listen to more videos, I thought how I had been introduced to his work years ago and it didn’t attract my spirit. Now, though, the timing was right!
The videos were older, the message was not new, but previously, I had not been ready to create the opening in my consciousness for it. During this time, I knew my mind was learning something good, something new and my conscious mind was expanded to filter into my sub-conscious mind where it would flow into my entire life and circumstances. And, that is the most important thought for you to consider as you allow information to come into your thoughts: Is this something I want in my life? Because as we teach in Unity, what you think about, you bring about.
Yes, keep your mind young. Learn new things as you research, be curious and expand your mind. Be discerning to what feels right to you and to your spirit. And, if it feels right and you are ready, join a community group where you can share your thoughts and learn new things, expanding your mind.
Many blessings on your quest,
Linda La Croix
Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion
See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website, aspiritualwalk.com, for more inspiration.

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