A Mask Dilemma

Each morning I dutifully don an outfit for the day. It means trying to match colors with a shirt or sweater and slacks.

When I was working, it meant making sure my tie was in accord with my suit and dress shirt. It was a daily ritual.

Now I have a new ritual. Now I want to make sure my mask does not clash in color with the rest of my outfit. Does that sound crazy? Well, what with all the masks I have, I think it is a fun thing to do each day.

Right now, I have twelve masks. They are works of art.

So each morning I attempt to match my mask collection with my outfit. The question is: should I put on the mask from Christmas with colorful ornaments – the Star Wars mask – the Batman mask – the humming bird mask – or just a plain white or blue mask?

I also have a mask that was sent to me from Blue Cross Blue Shield – our health care provider. And I notice that a lot of senior citizens are wearing the same mask. Since it is white in color it goes well with any outfit. Decisions – decisions – decisions.

Our daily routines certainly have changed. Certainly I don’t want someone telling me that my mask does not match my sweater!

And of course each mask gets a regular washing.

Well, time to make my daily decision. I think I’ll go with the hummingbird mask today. The weather is cold here in Michigan and remembering how the hummingbirds make a daily appearance in our yard during warm weather may just lighten my day! So mask on!

Bill Kalmar

Orion Twp.


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