A call to arms . . . read and learn

There are a few things that have popped up over the last few days which I wanted to share.
Item One: Larry Drum
Last month I received notice from Larry Drum’s sister, Gayle, that her brother is up for a parole hearing. Regular readers may remember the story of the former Lake Orion Eagle Scout and US Marine. A couple of years ago I wrote about how his mother, Ione, had written Gov. Granholm to ‘free? her son from prison. Drum was/is imprisoned for charges stemming from letting a friend sell cocaine out of his Birmingham apartment. At 70 years old, he is serving a life sentence, plus two 10-20 years to be served consecutively for having 650 grams of cocaine.
He’s been in the pokey for about 17 years. The dude who was selling the cocaine has been out for two years, having made parole. Even though former Gov. Miliken personally asked Granholm to commute Larry’s sentence, Granholm refused to budge. (Go to our website and in the site search type in Larry Drum, for the entire story.)
I was looking forward to the Nov. 13 (9 a.m.) public parole hearing at the Robert Cotton Correctional Facility, 3500 N. Elm in Jackson. I wanted to come back and report some good news. I still am, but with a little heavier heart. This past week Ione Drum passed away. Ione was warmed by the support she received from the community, in her hopes to have her son freed. Her daughter Gayle said, Ione passed, happy with the knowledge Larry would ‘be coming home? soon.
If anybody wishes to send a letter of support for Larry, you can send them to me by Nov. 9. I will take them with me and hand them over to the parole board. Send letters to Don Rush, PO Box 108, Oxford, MI 48371 or email me, dontrushmedon@charter.net.
* * *
Item Two: Get your pens ready!
Thems elected to serve in Lansing have raised the ire of at least two Clarkston businessmen (well, at least two that are willing to step up to the plate and swing to make change).
The Take Back Michigan group is working at repealing House Bill 5198 — the service tax bill. Luc Poirier is in the lead on that front. If folks want to print a petition, go to www.takebackmi.info
Luc says, to be valid, petitions must be printed on legal paper (8 1/2-inches wide by 14-inches tall). Questions call Luc at 248-620-1746.
* * *
Item Three: Lead, follow or get out of the way.
That old saying has spurred Clarkston financial guy Henry Woloson into action. Henry is spittin? mad at our elected legislators and is willing to say so. ‘I have no problem with going into the fire,? says he.
To that end he has organized a grass-roots meeting for Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Independence Township Fire Hall on Citation Drive (off of M-15, south of downtown Clarkston).
Specifically he wants to get Michigan in line with 92 percent of the other states in the union — he wants term limits; a reduced in size legislature; and wants lifetime benefits for legislators abolished.
While the rest of the state, private and public have reduced numbers, the legislature, Woloson says, has been ‘immune from down-sizing.?
Here are some stats that should make you want to attend Henry’s meeting.
46 of the 50 states have a part-time legislature (Michigan, California, New York and Pennsylvania do not).
New York, Pennsylvania have larger populations but Michigan pays its legislators more.
California has a larger population than Michigan and pays its legislators more — but they have fewer legislators than the Great Lakes State.
Oh, and this is the best — Henry would like to raise revenue for our state by imposing a tax on political campaigns . . .
Those serious about change should stand up and be counted. ‘We lose the opportunity to complain if we do nothing. I am not ready to lose the opportunity to complain,? Henry says.
For more info, call him at 248-625-6736.