Senior of the Week — A.J. Ply


Parents: Jennifer and Matthew Ply

Grade: 12

GPA: 4.4

Favorite subject(s): Engineering and Math

Extracurricular activities: My favorite extracurricular is robotics.

Hobbies/Interests: Outside of school I enjoy playing video games and watching Star Wars.

Plans after graduation: After graduation I plan to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and get a job in industry.

A.J. is proudest of: In my life I am most proud of my achievements at school and robotics, especially my involvement in obtaining a waterjet for Lake Orion High School.

A.J. makes a contribution by: I help make the world a better place through applying my engineering and design skills. Recently, I worked on a project that allows a woman with limited mobility to regain some of her independence through an attachment on her motorized wheelchair.

When A.J. thinks of the future: In 10-20 years, I see myself managing engineering projects and living in a house with my family in Michigan.

What concerns the world: The world issue that concerns me the most is the climate crisis that threatens the future of this planet.

Favorite thing about Lake Orion High School: My favorite thing about Lake Orion High School is the wide variety of classes available for students to take.

Recommending Teacher: Mrs. Everitt


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