We don’t need more pollution in Lake Orion; village needs to consider proposed drywell for Lakeview Street

There has been much said about the concerns of introducing pollution to our lake by the Lake Orion Village management.

An alternative much less expensive system has been proposed by myself to the Village in this newspaper over the last few weeks.

Essentially, given the long distance to the lake from Lakeview Street, a large Drywell won’t permit pollution to reach our lake. That’s according to my conversations with Dave Drullinger, a head Engineer with Michigan’s DEQ in Lansing.

You see, unlike the village proposed Stormceptor System made by Rinker, a Drywell doesn’t have a built in bypass mechanism that will vent pollution into our lake during a heavy rain.

I found that out by talking to a Rinker representative based here in Michigan. Also, in talking to Rinker, I found out that the smallest Stormceptor cost is $8,500 and ranges up to $100,000, whereas the proposed large Drywell stone material cost would be $4,000 or less.

So, now handling the pollution issue now comes down to both a decision of health, morals and cost. We don’t need more pollution in Lake Orion. Our need is no more.

I do want to take this opportunity to thank the Lake Orion Review for their time and space which they have provided most graciously on this most important issue.

Fred Fleming

A member of the Village since 1972 and a Charter Member of LOLA.


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