VILLAGE OF LAKE ORION Public Hearing Notice — 167 S. Andrews Ave.

Public Hearing Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to MCL §67.13 the Lake Orion Village Council will hold a public hearing at the Lake Orion Village Hall in the Council Chambers located at 21 E. Church Street, Lake Orion, Michigan 48362, on Monday, November 27, 2017 at 7:30 PM, to consider and determine the necessity of vacating, discontinuing or abolishing the street, alley, public ground or part thereof described as follows:
Part of the right of way for Andrews Avenue (variable width) so called; being part of DARLING’S RE-SUBDIVISION OF PART OF ANDREW’S ADDITION TO THE VILLAGE OF ORION”, being a subdivision of part of the Southeast ¼ of Section 2, Town 4 North, Range 10 East, Village of Lake Orion, Oakland County, Michigan, as recorded in Liber 21 of Plats on Page 14 of Oakland County Records.
Being more particularly described as beginning at the most southwest corner of Lot 1 of said “DARLING’S RE-SUBDIVISION OF PART OF ANDREW’S ADDITION TO THE VILLAGE OF ORION”; thence proceeding North 29°05’00″ West 106.31 feet along the northeasterly right-of-way line of Andrews Avenue, a variable width (so-called) to the northwest corner of Lot 2 of said “DARLING’S RE-SUBDIVISION OF PART OF ANDREW’S ADDITION TO THE VILLAGE OF ORION”; thence South 68°53’29″ West 12.40 feet to a point on the new northeasterly right-of-way line for said Andrews Avenue; then South 29°13’19″ East 111.19 feet along the new right-of-way line of said Andrews Avenue to a point; thence North 28°00’37″ East 5.98 feet to a point; thence North 51°13’43″ East 7.20 feet to the Point of Beginning. Containing 1324 Square Feet or 0.030 of an Acres (Gross Area). Reserved therefrom all easements of record.
The Lake Orion Village Council hereby declares it has by Resolution 2017-040, adopted at the October 9, 2017 Village Council Meeting, deemed it advisable and has declared its intention to vacate, discontinue or abolish the above described street, alley, public ground or part thereof.
Interested or affected individuals, property owners, residents, or taxpayers of the Village of Lake Orion may appear in person at this hearing to comment on the proposed vacation or may submit comments in writing prior to the hearing to Village Clerk, Village of Lake Orion, 21 E. Church St., Lake Orion, MI 48362 or via email at prior to the scheduled Public Hearing.
Susan Galeczka, CMC CMMC
Village Clerk
In the spirit of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with a disability should feel free to contact the Village, at least three (3) business days in advance of the meeting, if requesting accommodations. The Village of Lake Orion will provide foreign language or hearing impaired interpretation services for those individuals who contact the village to request such services at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
En el espíritu de la observancia de la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades, las personas con discapacidad debe sentirse libre para ponerse en contacto con el pueblo, por lo menos tres (3) días hábiles de antelación a la fecha de la reunión, si se solicitan alojamiento. El municipio de Lake Orion proporcionará idioma extranjero o personas con problemas de audición servicios de interpretación para las personas que se ponen en contacto con el pueblo de solicitar dichos servicios con no menos de siete (7) días antes de la reunión.
Published: Lake Orion Review 10/22/2017
Posted: 10/20/17

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