Veto gun bills

Don’t they have open carry in Las Vegas and Texas?

Well, you saw the result of that – mass killings, because nut jobs were able to get unlimited guns and ammo without any problems.

No one should be allowed to get guns or ammo without passing a mental health test, at their own expense. That should be mandatory.

And voters should decide on assault weapons and open carry, not the Republican leadership and the NRA.

I don’t owe them anything, nor do I fear them like the Republicans do.

J.P. King

Lake Orion resident


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  1. Eric   December 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    I wish this J.P. King would have to pass a mental health test before they get to spew their 1st Amendment right. We The People should respect all of the Amendments made to the Constitution! Fellow LO Resident.


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