Trustee Ron Sliwinski should resign from the Orion Township Board

I am writing this in concern for the troublesome issues with a now former Lake Orion High School Special Education Teacher, Ron Sliwinski.

Mr. Sliwinski has resigned his teaching position in the Lake Orion School system, but still remains as a trustee on the Orion Township Board.

Last Monday, February 5, 2018, I got up and spoke during Public Comments, requesting that Trustee Ron Sliwinski resign his position on the Orion Township Board.

On November 6, 2017, an unknown person sent 44 envelopes of information, which was addressed to all of our Orion Township government staff.

The envelopes contained very disturbing information in regards to the sexual harassment that was alleged to have been carried out by Ronald Sliwinski on a fellow female teaching associate.

In the packet of information it was stated that Mr. Sliwinski was placed on administrative leave while he was being investigated, and that four other women had also come forward with complaints of sexual harassment allegedly conducted by Ron Sliwinski.

Mr. Sliwinski later resigned his teaching position.

In e-mails Ron Sliwinski had sent on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 to his alleged victim he had stated, “I am having some major difficulties with decision-making right now and am seeking help. I have a counseling session tonight, I am stepping down from several of my duties including township trustee …..”

The above information is all public record that can be requested from our township government offices.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Ron Sliwinski was arrested, booked and released on personal bond, reportedly on charges of misdemeanor assault and battery, due to an investigation conducted by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

In my statements to the Orion Township Board in regards to Ron Sliwinski I had stated, “… it is my opinion that it is long overdue for the chronically absent Township Board Trustee to do what he had once stated he would do, and that is that he should immediately resign from the township board for the greater good and interest of the community as a whole.”

Mary MacMaster

Orion Twp.


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