Snow storms bring out the best and worst in people

The most recent snow storm brought out the best and worst of people.

Police and tow truck drivers assisted stranded drivers on the highways and byways. Snow plow drivers cleared the roads and parking lots and subdivisions.

But drivers, some with four wheel drive vehicles, abandoned all sense of responsibility and drove recklessly, thereby endangering others and even themselves.

And of course, with snow falling overnight and predictions that there was to be anywhere from six to twelve inches of snow on the ground, most schools closed – people stayed home from work – some small businesses closed – and we were told that since roads were treacherous we were encouraged to stay home unless it was imperative to brave the roads.

Despite all this, these same people who stayed home and the students whose school was closed – showed up at the malls and movie theaters and sporting events.

They couldn’t make it to work or school but somehow navigated their snow clogged driveway and street to enjoy a day of shopping and movie watching. Go figure!

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion


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