School Bd. President: ‘…the importance of voting yes for the bond…’

The reason I volunteer is so that this community’s students can have the best education and school experience possible, my kids included!

I found myself complaining about how things were and I decided to become involved and see if I could make a difference or help make things better. I soon found out that the majority of the decisions and downfalls in education are not made in downtown Lake Orion but in downtown Lansing.

Proposal A that was passed in 1994, when many of us were just out of high school, changed the way that schools are funded.

Proposal A dropped property taxes for many but with the caveat that communities would pass bonds to build and update their buildings because these assets were owned by the communities and their residents. After several years of restructuring the district, a plan has been put in place that would do just this; maintain and update the community assets with no tax rate increase.

I know, sort of going on and on, but folks need to realize the importance of voting yes for the bond being put forth on Nov. 6.

Lake Orion citizens need to realize that in order to stay ahead of the majority of school districts we need to update and upgrade our safety, infrastructure and facilities. Decades of cuts have taken their toll on our buildings and infrastructure. Lake Orion residents have the opportunity to make a lasting difference with NO TAX RATE INCREASE! That’s right — the same tax rate you paid this year will continue throughout the life of the bonds.

Please seek out the facts. There is more data than you need at…please support your schools.

The Serving Our Students group — a group of citizens dedicated to your schools, your children and your community’s future need you…we need your support, we need you to tell five neighbors why you are voting yes on the bond and we need to supply our world-class teachers the safety, security, facilities and teaching tools so that they may continue to be the best school district in the country!

Let’s do right by our kids, maintain and raise our home values and keep Lake Orion relevant and thriving for many years to come.

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor is a 43 year resident of Lake Orion, a 1992 graduate of Lake Orion Community Schools and president of the LOCS Board of Education.


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