Resident warns, informs others about the dangers of the Zika virus

Hello People,
I don’t want to be an alarmist but I don’t think very many women or men truly understand the ramifications of a mosquito bite or any kind of sex with a ZIKA carrier/someone infected either, male or female.
So please, read the link to the attached news site.
The CDC advises that people wait six months to try for a pregnancy if either partner has been to a Zika-affected area — even if he or she doesn’t have symptoms. If a woman is pregnant and her male partner could possibly have been infected, they should use a condom or abstain from sex for the whole pregnancy.
The cases are growing, as documented by the CDC, plus the CDC has discovered that several other serious diseases are also being spread by ZIKA.
Studies also have shown that Zika raised the rate of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a temporary paralysis caused by infections. There was a similar increase in rarer nervous system conditions, including encephalitis, myelitis and encephalomyelitis, the team found. These are inflammations of the brain and the spinal cord that can be deadly.
Only Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are known to have spread Zika, but Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and other warm states have populations of that species.
But remember, the specific mosquito doesn’t need to be in your state to get ZIKA, as carriers are likely in all other states. In the same three states (Massachusetts, North Carolina and Georgia) they found 26 infants and fetuses with Zika-connected birth defects born to 442 Zika-infected pregnant women from January through September 2016.
What about the health of men infected:
A week after infection with Zika, the testicles of the mice still looked normal. But by week two, they showed a noticeable decrease in size as infected cells in the reproductive tissues died. By week three, the internal tissue structure of the animals’ testicles was essentially destroyed.
While the mice cleared the virus several weeks later, the damage to spermatogenesis was done. Diamond says he and his colleagues doubt that the mice could ever fully recover from that level of injury. However, additional long-term studies will be needed to confirm the long-term effects.
So seriously, educate your children and grandchildren – both male and female. I suggest you assign all them recent investigation actions and recent reading material to understand what can result and the geographic risks as well as the every state carrier concerns – both female and male.
Now I feel better and so will you if you push your children and grandchildren to know as much as they can to avoid the hardship of losing a child to this terrible new disease that has no vaccine or cure.
Fred Fleming,
Lake Orion resident

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