Public Notice — Lake Orion

The Village of Lake Orion Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a Public Hearing on Appeal No. A-17-03 at the Lake Orion Village Hall, 21 E. Church Street, Lake Orion, MI 48362, on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers.
This Public Hearing relates to 124 Bellevue Avenue (Parcel ID Number 09-11-101-018) and 132 Bellevue Avenue (Parcel ID Number 09-11-101-019). A complete legal description of the properties is on file in the Village Offices. The subject sites are located within the Village of Lake Orion in the RV (Village Single Family Residential) Zoning District.
The applicant proposes to construct a new single family residence at 124 Bellevue Avenue. The proposal requires the following one (1) variance from the Zoning Ordinance:
1. ARTICLE 13, GENERAL PROVISIONS, SECTION 13.08, APPLICATION TO LOTS OF RECORD, PARAGRAPH B, DIVISIONS PROHIBITED, to allow for 124 Bellevue and 132 Bellevue to each be considered a single lot of record, for the purposes of allowing for the construction of a new dwelling in conformance to ordinance standards on 124 Bellevue, when the ordinance states that a combination of two (2) lots with contiguous frontage in single ownership, when the individual lots do not meet the requirements of Article 12 Schedule of Regulations, shall be considered as a single undivided lot.
Interested parties are welcome to attend the Public Hearing and offer comments. Written comments will be accepted prior to the date and time of the Public Hearing by the Village Clerk. The plan and supporting documentation will be available for inspection and additional information may be obtained by contacting Village Offices at (248) 693-8391, ext. 102 or visiting the Village Office located at 21 E. Church Street, Lake Orion, MI 48362 during regular business hours, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
In the spirit of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with a disability should feel free to contact the Village office, at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the meeting, if requesting accommodations.
Susan C. Galeczka, CMC
Village Clerk

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