Hard to hear ‘The Rocks’ were removed;Community should have some creative outlet

My name is Lesley Myrvold. I am a college student who has been living in Lake Orion my whole life. I was emailing you in regard to the post I just saw on your Facebook page about the removal of “The Rocks.”

“The Rocks” was a place I grew up walking to; it was one of my favorite areas to stroll through after a long day. It was hard to hear that they were removed, but in regard to it impacting the environment badly, I can understand why it was done.

Although it may have been a better decision to remove “The Rocks” so we aren’t hurting our environment, I think there should be a new place and space in Lake Orion for people to express themselves creatively and freely (without being accused of vandalism).

Maybe a wall mural in the Lake Orion Children’s Park that individuals can openly paint (appropriate) compositions on?

Creating an open platform for people to express their creativity – in the right context where it doesn’t hurt our environment – could be a good fix to peoples’ frustration with the removal of The Rocks. Is something like this possible to implement?

I think it’s a great idea to preserve some of The Rocks because, in a way, they were iconic to Lake Orion. I think this could help in regard to preserving the history of them.

I believe people are also concerned not only in preservation, but also troubled not having a place to go to express creatively without being accused of vandalism. So, making some sort of space that could “replace” where The Rocks were could potentially fix those troubled hearts!

Thanks for your time. I’m definitely interested to see how this journey of the removal of The Rocks impacts Lake Orion. Hopefully it will encourage a healthier environment in the long run.

Lesley Myrvold

Lake Orion resident


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