Hats off – plaudits – kudos!

As long time customers of DTE Energy we just wanted to compliment the DTE Energy team on how they handled the monumental crisis in Michigan. We did not lose power here in Lake Orion and our lights never flickered and thus we were the lucky ones. The way in which the DTE Energy team handled the thousands of homes and businesses that were without power had to be a Herculean effort and they should be commended for how quickly power was restored to the vast majority of customers. Certainly there is a smattering of homes and businesses without power but that is just a small percentage of homes in southeast Michigan.
And the workers had to work in deteriorating conditions – wind and cold – brrr!
One has to marvel at the logistics of bringing in workers from multiple states to assist. Just scheduling these teams to various sights where the workers had never been in Michigan before has to be a complex and complicated issue but all was handled with aplomb and professionalism.
As such, congrats on a job well done to the DTE Energy team!
Bill Kalmar
Lake Orion resident

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