Greetings From The Lake Orion Horseshoe Club

The 2018 season is about to begin on April 24th at 7 p.m. in the beautiful Village of Lake Orion off Anderson Street behind Children’s Park.

Have you been telling yourself you would like to get some exercise, meet new people and have some exciting competition pitching horseshoes? Well this is your chance to be a part of the best kept secret in Lake Orion.

Our club was established in 1960 in Bunny Run and moved to our existing location in 1965 – we are the oldest club in Michigan.

Our league is 15 weeks, with a banquet and awards for only $40. We play with a handicap scoring system that makes it fair and competitive for all: women get to pitch from 30 feet and all our veteran players will be happy to assist anyone (male or female) who would like to play in the league and may not be comfortable.

Another suggestion is to visit our website

The Lake Orion Horseshoe Club is very excited about all the changes coming to the village.

We are in the heart of the new fire station remodel and the recent Paint Creek Trail runs right beside our courts. We have plans for this club to be the best and the largest in Michigan, a club that cares about its members and the community.

We have one member that has been with the club for over 35 years, our oldest player is 89 years old and is still very competitive and plays many senior tournaments around the United States.

Yes, you will find people who enjoy playing horseshoes in the most unusual places – they come in all ages.

Many people play horseshoes in their backyards, at family get-togethers and recreation, so if you remember playing any of these events you are neglecting yourself this experience.

It is truly a fun sport and we always must warn you that it can become addictive, but that is ok.

For more information call Ron Price 248-909-4946, or visit our website or communicate with us on Facebook at Lake Orion Horseshoe Club.

You do not even need to have horseshoes to give it a try; we have some club horseshoes that still have a lot of ringers left in them.

Hope to see some new faces this season or just stop down to say hi and see what we are all about.

— Lake Orion Horseshoe Club


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